_ What do Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong and I have in common?  Oprah, Lance and I have two things in common, and unfortunately for me, it’s not millions of dollars or having celebrity status. All three of us have websites and we all believe in vision boards or dream boards to help reach personal goals.  I read about it on their websites and have seen the concept in a number of different areas – sports, financial soundness, and relationships – just about anything you can dream to achieve can go on a vision board.

Here’s where my vision board need came from.  Before my son and son-in-law were leaving for Afghanistan, we talked about taking a family trip after they return.  Their only requirements were that it was somewhere warm, on a beach, with a nearby casino, and at an all inclusive resort (they don’t want much :>).  So, we decided to go to Punta Cana after they return in late 2012. 

After the destination decision, I immediately went to – OMG – I’ll have to put on a bathing suit.  And, the thought of wearing a bathing suit in public made me feel slightly nauseated.  How many of you have planned a special destination trip or a special event and said to yourself, I need to lose some damn weight, or I have to get into freaking shape, or both?

Yet, with all the swearing and food regrets, is there a clear goal in mind we are able to keep present and in the forefront for a longer period of time?  We need something to help us remember that we have goals, somewhere, sometime. We need a vision board! 

So, I spent some time thinking - what is my vision?  That I look like a Victoria’s Secret Model or Angelina Jolie?   Being model beautiful or looking like Brad Pitt’s honey was only going to happen with lots plastic surgery.  So, I put the VS and Angie thoughts aside and really considered what was within my reach. 

Here’s what I came up with -  I want to lose weight to feel good and I want to ramp up my cardio and weight resistance training. I want to create a clear cut, concrete schedule for the weight loss and training. (Doesn’t that sound like a lead in to an article in Shape magazine?)  But, I’m a normal mid-fifties soon to be divorced woman.  What could I possibly achieve? What would I be happy with?  How could I achieve it? How could I show it on the vision board?  How would I attain my goal? Where would I put the vision board so it was something I could see daily?

So to get started, I bought a cork board and began building my vision board.  I started looking at bathing suit pictures and picked one I liked, printed it and on the board it went.  I put the pictures of the Chick Chain Walking Club on the board to motivate me to keep walking and training.  I put the $$$ sign on the board to remind me of the need to save the money (no more casino trips).  I put the word GRATITUDE on the board to remind me to write a daily gratitude list – 10 things I’m grateful for.  I put the word BELIEVE on the board to serve as a reminder to BELIEVE in myself every day.  I put the walking and training schedule on the board and hung the board in my kitchen so I see it daily.  And, by the way, I’m putting a picture of a Victoria’s Secret model on the board anyway! 

Happy New Year and here are my 2012 dreams for you.  I dream that:

You danced, twirled, cheered  and drank 2011 out the door and welcomed 2012 with open arms; you stayed on the healthy  track during the holidays, your skinny black jeans still fit and flatter after all the holiday parties, your loved ones are safe and sound, you feel sexy, strong, and wildly beautiful, you keep reading my Chick Chain Walking Club blog :>), you create a vision board for yourself, and finally, you realize how incredibly awesome and loved you are!

I’m so grateful to the Chick Chain Walking Club and other friends and family for all their support, kindness and love throughout 2011. Without you, I would still be just surviving instead of daring to soar.

Love to all of you,



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I am totally agree with you. I like this post.


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